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02Sep 16

Nissan 350Z Rocket Bunny Widebody Build

Nissan 350Z Rocket Bunny WidebodyThe Nissan 350Z is a beautiful piece of machinery to begin with, but take a look at what happens when Royal Customs installed a Rocket Bunny Widebody to a 350Z, along with new wheels, a liquid wrap, and more.

After installing the new widebody kit, we taped the body off to protect the car’s surfaces before applying HaloEFX True Gloss, a removable paint in Burnt Copper. We added custom 3-piece wheels, a TEIN coilover suspension, then sent the car out on the road. All of this work was completed right here in our Pottstown shop!

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23Mar 16

Walk-Around Tour Of A Fully Customized Volkswagon EOS

Customized Volkswagon EOSLocal talent Briana Layfield is leaving her mark with her incredible singer/songwriter skills. This rising superstar needs a ride to take her there, and this fully customized Volkswagon EOS was just the ticket!

Check out this video walk-around of our latest completed project: a complete makeover of Briana’s fully stock 2010 VW EOS. With Briana’s vision, Royal Customs was able to make her dream car a reality. The sparkle diamond white vinyl wrap by Avery fits perfectly with the Swarovski crystal badges, handles, and grill. The retrofitted custom headlights with Bixenon sparkle white halos announce Briana’s arrival from the front, while custom taillights with hearts catch everyone’s eye as she drives away. The Lambo doors make a bold statement when entering this customized Volkswagon EOS, and the full air ride suspension makes driving it a dream.

We hope you enjoy looking at this project as much as we did building it!

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05Feb 16

Applying Ceramic Pro 9H For Lifetime Protection

Ceramic Pro 9HVehicles are an expensive investment. Let Royal Customs’ authorized trained technicians protect your vehicle with the best products on the market!

Here is a short video of a 2016 Camaro SS we coated a few weeks back with Ceramic Pro 9H lifetime protection. We always have the client bring back their vehicle for its “first bath” to educate them on how to properly clean and maintain their vehicle. Notice how the water just runs off and beads off? That’s the ceramic protection doing its job, keeping anything and everything from sticking to the finish.

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05Aug 15

Hydrodipping Harley Davidson Parts

HydrodippingHydrodipping is an incredible way to get a completely custom look to your vehicle parts. Royal Customs recently hydrodipped several parts for a customer’s Harley Davidson. They wanted the pieces to be covered in skulls.

This incredible process is completed by applying a pattern to the surface of a container filled with water. When an item is dipped into the water, the pattern is “painted” onto it as it breaks the surface of the water. You can watch the entire process in our video above.

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