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XPEL Paint Protection Film is a clear, elastomeric polyurethane film that improves the performance of your automotive paint and protects your vehicle from environmental damage such as stone chips and light scratches.

At Royal Customs, we offer two XPEL Paint Protection Film products – Ultimate Plus and Stealth. They both provide superior paint protection for your vehicle, all while preserving aesthetic appeal. We install paint protection film on sedans, pick-up trucks, vans, sport cars and vintage cars, using only high-end equipment and the most up to date software. We have several installation packages to choose from, including custom installation packages, ensuring that your design and budget needs are met. We also often hand cut the paint protection film to make sure you are getting a completely seamless finish for your vehicle.


XPEL Ultimate Plus

The XPEL Ultimate Plus film has a high-gloss finish that keeps the exterior of your vehicle looking new for as long as possible. When applied by our professionally trained staff, Ultimate Plus film is guaranteed to be virtually undetectable – giving your car ultimate invisible impact protection.


XPEL Stealth

This paint protection film offers all the same benefits of the XPEL Ultimate Plus film, but with a finish that is smooth as satin. Flat finishes are known for being extremely difficult to keep up and repair. This is due to the nature of the texture of matte clear coats. A matte surface is left uneven so that light is diffused, as opposed to the reflective, smooth finish of a glossy clear coat finish. The uneven surface tends to collect contaminants more easily, therefore requiring special care and attention.

The XPEL Stealth Paint Protection Film was specifically designed to protect a flat factory finish and allows for easy washing and maintenance. However, if you are interested in a matte look for your vehicle you can still apply the XPEL Stealth film and protect your factory paint finish.



LLumar High Performance Automotive Film

You, your car, and your passengers will spend many miles together. From deep tint to clear shields, our automotive films make those miles calmer, cooler, happier and much more stylish. With an automotive film selection as wide as the open road, we ensure you get exactly the upgrades you want: a head-turning look, powerful heat rejection, protection from UV rays, even defense against scratches. Look after what you drive, and those you care about. Our window tint installation always comes backed with a limited lifetime warranty .

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