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Spray-on chrome is a cleaner, faster, less expensive and far more environmentally friendly substitute and replacement for traditional hard/decorative chrome.

The advantages of spray-on chrome to the consumer and applicator compared to traditional hard chrome are:

  1. Less expensive:

Spray-on chrome is approximately 60% of the cost of hard chrome.

  1. Faster turn-around time:

The average turn-around time for traditional chrome is 60 days or longer.

  1. No pitting, rusting or oxidation:

Unlike traditional chrome, spray-on chrome is a layer of pure silver which is essentially hermetically sealed between two or more layers of urethane protective coating.

  1. Fast and inexpensive spot repair:

If the spray-on chrome is scratched or damaged, repair is quick and painless using urethane and silver to repair only the damaged area instead of resurfacing the entire part.

  1. An almost unlimited variety of surfaces can be coated in spray-on chrome:

Unlike traditional chroming that is limited to only metal, spray-on chrome can be used on virtually any substrate and works equally well on metal, fiberglass, plastic, wood, composites, vinyl, ceramic, porcelain, carbon fiber, concrete, and much more.

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