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We are the only shop in the PA-NJ-DE tri-state area offering real high gloss liquid wraps/removable paint! Change the color of your vehicle and protect your OEM paint at the same time.

The color choices are endless and finishes include chameleons, pearls, and metallic, as well as candies! We offer scratch/chemical resistant show car paint finishes that are completely peelable!


With award winning formulas, the Royal Customs line of ceramic coatings combines the upmost sophisticated car protective technologies with un-parallel protection from chemical damages. Royal Customs coatings increase chemical resistance and hardness to the paint surface providing a solid and highly durable top coat.

Backed with extreme gloss and self cleaning properties, our coatings allow for ease of vehicle maintenance.


At Royal Customs, we guarantee the best film and quality of automotive window tint. We will take the time to educate you on the type of film, legal limits (state specific), heat rejecting options and warranty of our product. We offer multiple options for your vehicle, in various shades to fit your style.

Reasons to tint:
• Reduce heat
• Block up to 70% of solar heat • Improve the look of your vehicle
• Enhance privacy
• Protect your skin against harmful UV rays


Stand out from the crowd with our fully customized lighting designs.  We offer both exterior lighting packages in addition to interior lighting packages. 

Our products include, but are not limited to:
HID headlights
LED headlights
LED interior lighting
OEM lighting replacement
Fog light installation
Headliner LED installation


Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer designed to provide your vehicle with ultimate paint protection that can be layered in order to provide the ultimate paint protection. Ceramic coating forms a semi-permanent bond to the vehicle’s surface, providing a protective layer that will not wash away with rain or cleaning.


Paint Protection Film (PFF), which is also known as a Clear Bra, is a clear, thick film which is installed on your vehicle. This tough, durable and almost invisible film protects your vehicle from rocks, scratches, bugs, road debris, as well as wear and tear. Using PFF will keep your vehicle looking new, and it’s the best way to preserve the shine on your vehicle.


Chrome Delete is a way to “blackout” and cover all visible areas of chrome on your vehicle. We use 3M material, which comes in gloss, satin, or matte finish.  If you’re interested in a partial or full chrome delete, Royal Customs has the solution for you.


– Performance
– General repair
– Collision repair
– Custom paint
– Widebody installation
– Powder coating
– Audio
– Lighting


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